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Gel e menory half psd Acavallo.

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Unbeatable combination of non-slip gel, soft impact & absorbing memory foam in a luxurious suede outer. The gel will stop any unwanted movement of the saddle both back & forth and side to side. And memory foam gets very thin at existing points of pressure where there’s no need for extra volume. Thanks to gel and memory foam properties this pad supports a calm position, prevent slipping, it’s very shock-absorbing and helps to distributes the pressure evenly on the horse´s back. This model comes out with 4 foam risers (2 for the front and 2 for the back) to perfect balance the saddle. It will enough to open the two Velcro pockets on the side and arrange risers according to the needs. The anatomic cut with spine-clearance allowing the pad to perfectly sit up in the gullet. Designed to fit under any style and size of English saddles, it’s ideal to combine with a plain square or use on its own. Acavallo® gel features - Encourage freedom of movement - Stabilize the saddle - Relieve pressure - Absorb & distribute weight - Non toxic - Safe for use on skin - Easy to wash Acavallo® Memory Foam features - Absorbs shocks - Rubbing and friction free are eliminated - Gets very thin where there are already points of pressure and no need and volume - Disperses pressure evenly Info & care - The pad can be machine washed (30 degrees) or by hand in a bucket of water with little detergent. - Remove hairs from the pad with a brash before to wash it. - (Fairy Liquid works a treat) - Do not use harsh detergents. - Do not tumble dry. - Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight. - Allow to dry naturally.

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